About Cardinal Plaza Shell

A Letter From the Owner

My dad, UT Brown, opened the station in 1969. It was a classic ranch style, three bay Shell service station. The station slowly built through the years as the neighborhood grew around us. UT was a fixture of the Springfield community and ran the station as a family run neighborhood oriented business.

My brothers & I worked at the station throughout our childhood and my mom served as book keeper. In 1986, I graduated from University of Virginia and worked alongside my dad for a year before he retired. We rebuilt the shop the same year to its current configuration. As a second generation dealer, my brother Doug & I have worked to keep old traditions alive while creating new ones. If you’ve seen the shop at Christmas time you know what I mean.

The team at the shop has remained dedicated to serving the Springfield/ Burke community with many technicians and service advisors having 10, 15 or even 25 years of experience. In no particular order (it would be like trying to rank my kids), I would like to thank Cam, Chris, Jon, Ray, Nico, Jason, Ty, Dan, Oz, Brian, Jimmy, Zach, Joe, David and the rest of the crew for making Cardinal Plaza Shell the premier business establishment in the Commonwealth and the best shop in the nation.

Other shop owners have asked me why my team is so successful. Yes, we have all the certifications, our techs and advisors are ASE Certified and Cardinal Plaza Shell is an ASE Blue Seal of Excellence shop. But these aren’t the reasons for success, they are the result of it. I think the true catalyst is a lesson I learned from my dad after graduating from college. He always told me that no one cares how much you know until they know how much you care. This is one of his finest lessons and a principle I will always run my business on.

-Scott Brown

Meet Our Team:

Scott Brown


Cam Carter

General Manager / Operations Leader

Chris Chagnon

Service Manager / Technology Officer

Jon Ford

Service Manager

Doug Brown

Image Manager, Christmas Leader, Pitmaster

Joe Gnipko

Gasoline Center Manager

Brian Fox

Service Advisor

Dan Santano

Service Advisor & Concierge

Ty Allen

Master Safety & Emissions Inspector

Ray Betts

ASE Technician, VA Certified Emissions

Jason Roed

ASE Technician / Master Diagnostician

Nico Garcia

ASE Technician

Oz Gonzalez

ASE Technician

C.J. Anderson

ASE Technician

David Vasquez

Light Service Technician

Daniel Murray

Light Service Technician

Ethan Anderson

Light Service Technician

Jimmy Flores

Light Service Technician

Mike Starr

Light Service Technician

Sam Aguilar

Light Service Technician

Zach Zinnicker

Light Service Technician

George Redfearn


Jack Brown